Hello, hello, hello! It’s been a long time.

Any of you that are regular visitors will have probably noticed that I went off the radar at the end of December and haven’t posted anything throughout all of January. I had planned to. I had planned to post a “what I got for Christmas” post like many of you did, and talk about New Years resolutions, change, goals, happiness, and much more. You know, the usual January topics.

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Christmas is a time for friends and family, and most of us will be spending it exactly like that – eating dinner and spending time with others. But if you’re spending your Christmas in someone else’s house, there’s certain expectations and behaviours to be aware of. Here’s 5 of the main things to remember when trying to be the perfect Christmas dinner guest.

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Christmas is now officially less than two weeks away. Christmas lights are covering near every home, festive music is streaming out of every high street shops, and kids are counting down the sleeps till the big day. And then there are the adults. Those who have lost the unconditional love for Christmas, struggling to recapture that festive feeling of childhood. If you’re one of those adults, here are 5 Tips on How To Enjoy Christmas as an Adult!

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Wrapping up Christmas presents while listening to a good playlist or watching a festive movie is one of the most relaxing and Christmassy things you can do in the run up to Christmas. But there’s one thing that can ruin it in an instant – oddly-shaped presents. Shudder inducing thought. Basically, if it’s not square or rectangular, it’s a pain.

And yet, it may be inevitable. So here I am with the top 4 ways to wrap oddly-shaped presents!

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While we all know that Christmas should not be about the presents, I have to admit that giving lovely gifts that people will love is my absolute favourite thing about the holiday. So it’s absolutely no surprise that preparing those gifts is a close second on the scale of Christmas excitement. In fact, I love it so much that I end up wrapping my boyfriend’s presents too; there’s no excuse for a shady wrapping job. No, no, no.

So if you struggle with wrapping presents (or simply want to see how I wrap mine), here’s a quick little guide!

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