Hello everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in over a month but truthfully, I just haven’t been feeling creative lately, and as I always say: there’s no point doing something half-heartedly unless it’s absolutely mandatory. Ironically enough, now that I’m overwhelmed with work and metaphorically chained to my bed, I suddenly feel the urge to write my blog, and draw, and paint, and maybe even write a script for a movie or two! Well, maybe not quite.
So as you may have figured out by now, I’m feeling quite poorly. To make matters worse, it seems as if I came down with a cold at the worst possible time – Scotland is clearly experiencing the global warming, what with all this sun that usually comes twice a year; I’ve got nothing but presentations in university this week; and I’m finally feeling creative, but cannot act on it. Great!

And it seems as if a lot of people have fallen victim to this treacherous nightmare, so what I thought I’d do is talk about the things that speed up your recovery and help you kick the cold’s ass.

  • First things first, rest. Now I know everyone always tells you to take a day or two off work, or school, or whatever it is that you do, and take it easy. But we all know it’s not that simple. Nowadays, we lead pretty busy lives and feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to finish things, so you can’t just drop everything and take a day off. And that’s fair enough – no one can make you drop everything and re-prioritise your day. And I know that because right now, I should probably be sleeping, and yet I’m not because I have so much work to do for the 2 presentations I have in the next two days. I can’t just drop it because my grade depends on it. And worse yet, my whole group’s grade depends on it. So I get it. But at the end of the day, your body repairs itself when you’re sleeping, and by ignoring your need for rest, you’re simply prolonging your illness and suffering. So my advice – rest as much as you can. Think about what could be put off for a couple of days and exchange those tasks for some rest!
  • Secondly – hydration. Hydration is important anyway, but when you’re ill, it’s essential to keep hydrated. When dealing with a cold, hot drinks work best (especially if you’ve got a sore throat,) but try to avoid carbonated drinks, or sugar altogether. Sugary drinks take longer to come into effect, and it’s not like they’re good for you anyway. Go for teas with lemon, or honey, or even medicinal teas like Lemsip Max Cold & Flu lemon drink. Now personally, I absolutely hate it and it makes me feel literally sick while drinking it, but it does work, so I try to suck it up and drink at least one cup a day.
  • Don’t rely on cold & flu medicine. Truth is, it doesn’t really work the way most people think it does. The only reason to use it, is to battle physical pain (i.e. headaches) or to moderate very high temperatures. Just remember that elevated temperature helps your body deal with the germs and infections, so don’t obsess over having regular temperature.
  • Last but not least, eat healthily. I know from experience that illness can lead to not eating anything for days because you don’t feel hungry, but that’s not doing you any favours. Not only is it further damaging your body, you’re also not getting the vitamins that could speed up your recovery! 
So those are the basic tips that I tend to live by, but really, it’s about finding what works for you in the type of lifestyle that you lead!

Hope you’re all well, and I’ll write soon!

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Happy 2013, folks ♥

Ideally, I would have made this post within the first few days of January, but since I had just begun my blog, there were a couple of posts that just had to come first. But as they say, better late than never, right? So let’s crack on! 
For me, the year 2012 was below average to say the least. It’s not as if there was something fundamentally bad about it, or that something horrible happened: it’s simply that I wasn’t happy with myself or my life and it seemed as if the things that I didn’t like about myself became more prominent and overwhelming. Meanwhile, I appeared to have abandoned the activities which not only balanced out the bad in my life, but also offered me an escape to a better place – even if just for a couple of hours. 

By December 2012, it got too much. The stress, anxiety, and general unhappiness just became too overwhelming and I knew something had to give. 

Now, let me just say that I’m not one of those people who say “New year, new me” every year, okay? I find it to be a ridiculous concept because you don’t need a new year to change something. However, it just so worked out out that New Year was the perfect time to change things. So these are the things on agenda for 2013:

♣ Paint More ♣

Art has always been something I enjoyed immensely, even though I don’t consider myself to be great at it. I had always stuck to pencils as I was absolutely useless at watercolours and so hated them with a passion. However, as limited as I was in only using pencils, I drew frequently, and it was my little Zen time. And for some reason, I completely lost that in 2012 – and I want it back. So even though university gets crazy and I run out of time for recreational activities, I will make more time for art this year. Not only that, but I already got my art stuff out and I made an acrylic painting. Acrylic.You know, as in paint, not pencils! I immediately felt more chipper because this was a big deal to me! I’d had acrylic paint and a canvas for about a year, and it stayed hidden in my wardrobe because I was too scared to use it. And now, I can’t wait to get more supplies and get back to it!

♣ Read More ♣

Reading books has been a huge part of my teenage-hood, and yet again, I have no idea why I gave it up in the first place! I want to blame the university because quite often, it doesn’t leave much time for anything else, but I feel like it would be unfair to put all of the blame on it. Nonetheless, just as with art, I will put aside some time for reading. It may not be quite the same as a few years ago, when I would literally spend 16+ hours a day reading (only having toilet and food breaks, and about 6 hours of sleep) but that’s the best I can do. And in fact, it may be healthier than those 16 hour reading sessions! Also, I bet this will help me a tad with the anxiety and stress. At least the university related ones.

♣ Worry Less ♣

I worry a lot. I mean, really! And about such trivial things as well! And the worst part is that I let it get in the way of the things I want to do, people I want to meet or talk to, and it knocks my confidence way down – as if I had any to spare! It has been a huge problem for me for as long as I can remember, and I always made the mistake of thinking that there’s nothing I can do about it – it’s just a part of me. And that’s somewhat true – it is a part of me. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing I can do about it. So from now on, when I’m worrying about something petty, or something I have no control over, I’ll stop and try to remind myself that there is no point is stressing over this. Hopefully, this will open the doors to more opportunities for me, as well as make it easier to write my blog and create YouTube videos.
♣ Be Healthier ♣

Last but not least, I’m planning to be a bit healthier this year. I’ve set a similar goal for myself many times before and it never worked out, but I realise that my “health” related goals were too unrealistic, and demanded too much of a change from my regular routine. Luckily, I’m not extremely unhealthy as it is – I’m not overweight, I don’t eat too much junk food – many people often question my desire for a healthier lifestyle. However, there are a few small changes I want to make:

  • Exercise more – it’s no secret that regular exercise makes you happier. And that’s the key – regular exercise. Because I do exercise, and have done for a while, but I always took the concept of exercise very lightly, and so, would only do it when I felt like it. Which basically resulted in a week of pushing myself (doing exercise every day for at least an hour) and then not doing it again for about 2 or 3 weeks because I was too busy/didn’t have time/didn’t feel like it. Pathetic. I’m going to try and get into a routine of doing exercise 3 times a week no matter what (unless I’m in like hospital or something!) to begin with.
  • Drink more water – I’m really bad at that. Honestly, I barely drink any water at all! And this isn’t exactly an attractive proposition because I don’t fancy spending half of my day in the bathroom. Nonetheless, I feel like it must be done. Luckily, I drink absolutely loads of tea, so for starters, I can drink more healthy teas (green, camomile, white) and that will already be a huge step forwards. Besides that, I will start drinking more water in university, as opposed to my standard order of Caramel Macchiato (which is absolute heaven, by the way.) This will again be a massive step forwards because you wouldn’t believe the amount of Caramel Macchiatos I drink at uni. The girl who takes my order doesn’t even listen to me anymore! As soon as she sees me in the queue, she knows what to make. One time, I ordered a Latte, and she literally repeated my order back to me in a shocked voice. 
  • Eat healthier snacks – if I’m spending the day at home, I snack quite a lot during the day, so I think it would make a big difference if I replaced the crisps, sweets, popcorn, and whatever else I eat with fruit and vegetables. Especially since I’m a huge fan of fruit and veg as it is! I’m not saying I’m cutting these things out of my life completely, but if I ate fruit and veg instead of the sweets at least half of the time, it’d be great. So from now on, I’m going to stock up on more carrot sticks and fruits! 

And that’s it! It doesn’t seem like a lot, and honestly, all of these things are quite basic and  realistically, very achievable. But despite their simplicity, they should improve my life immensely and I hope to make this year immeasurably better than 2012! And I hope that all of you have a great year too!

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This Christmas, Santa has been very lovely to me, but by far the best present I received was a 2-day trip to London for the whole family straight after New Year. Now, as someone who already lives in the UK (even if that is in Scotland) you probably wouldn’t think I’d be very excited about this. Well, you’d be wrong. Haha. I cannot even begin to tell you just how excited I was. In fact, for several nights, it took me about 3 hours to fall asleep.
The trip there was a 9 hour bus ride in the middle of the night. So luckily, we could sleep through it and hit the streets of London as early as 7am. Unfortunately, I was not aware of just how awful the bus ride would be. Besides the fact that there is absolutely no space for your legs, and no way to position your head comfortably, we picked the worst seats on the bus. The noise and vibration from the wheels or the engine or whatever was just horrendous and prevented any possibility of sleep. It literally took about 3 hours of listening to music and trying to fall asleep before getting any results. An hour later, the driver woke us up for a half an hour’s break. Brilliant.

But aside from all the negatives, I had to be reasonable and remember that the travel cost £20 for a trip there and back, so it wasn’t fair to hold it to such high standards.

Once in London, it literally took me about 3 minutes to fall in love with the place. It took just as long to decide that I want to live there, and will try my best to make that happen in the future. Maybe it was this decision, or maybe the fact that I didn’t come from abroad, but I was dedicated to fitting into the London life. Seeming like a tourist was not an option. 

And honestly, I think the fact that I was interested in the wildlife more so than the monuments made me fit right in. Honestly, every time I came across a swan, a duck or a squirrel, I’d just stop whatever I was doing, grab my camera and film them. 
It’s as if being in a different city (or even country) suddenly makes these animals more interesting than those back home…

Logic, right there.

Over those 2 days, we walked more than 40 kilometres. I cannot even begin to accurately describe the amount of pain I was in. For someone who usually walks no more than 200 metres a day, over 20 kilometres in one day is a drastic change. Walking back to the bus station at the end of our second day I was literally on the verge of tears. At some point while waiting for the bus, I had to go to the bathroom which was about 30 metres away and it took me ten minutes to walk there and back, because it felt as if my feet were on fire.

Now, remember how I said the bus trip to London was rather uncomfortable, blah, blah, blah? Well then just try to imagine getting comfortable in the limited space available when your legs and feet are in constant pins & needles mode. And that’s just getting comfortable, never mind sleeping. And as if all of that wasn’t enough, the bus driver drove like mad! But of course, he had to keep to the timetable, which meant that we had a ten or twenty minute break at every bus station. And every single time, he left the bus door open. I was freezing the whole 10 hours cause there simply wasn’t enough time for the bus to warm up! Aaah!

And you know what? Despite all of these things, I still had the greatest time and left London with the fondest memories. I look forward to going back there and maybe if I’m lucky enough, living there.

If you live in London (or close by), I am unbelievably jealous of you. 

If you have never been to London, I highly suggest you go. Then, we can be jealous of the Londonians together! 

○ Till next post ○

Hey, everyone!

I cannot even begin to tell you how many attempts I had made to start this blog, and now, finally, this is it. This is the one that will stick.

I had been following some blogs for years – especially those of some of my favourite YouTubers – and am always ecstatic when I stumble across a new blog with a different style of writing, a new approach or an altogether different perspective. It’s great! And having enjoyed reading everyone else’s blogs, I thought: “hey, I could do that!” And that’s true. Potentially, everyone could. The problem for most of us, however, (in this case, a huge problem for me) is finding something that we are extremely good at or passionate about, because that is what attracts, as well as enthrals an audience.
And that is where my major issue occurred. I’m not great at anything. I’m not very critical. My life is also not that fascinating that I could run a whole blog on it. But nonetheless, I wanted to do this. So what I did, was try to write about the same topics as many of the YouTubers did – health, beauty, make-up – the works. And it started off great! I had just received a whole parcel of stuff from e.l.f. cosmetics, I took pictures of all of the products, and I started using them in order to be able to give my opinion of them. I spent several hours editing the pictures to my blog’s style and took my time to write long and honest reviews. 

In the end, I made three posts and gave up.

 Three posts was all it took to realise that even though I love experimenting with make-up and different hairstyles, it’s not something that I enjoy sharing with other people because I don’t feel like I’m the best person to do so. And honestly, this is not the first time I had come to this realisation. A while ago, I started vlogging on YouTube, and quite frankly, I had no idea what I wanted to my channel to be, so I tried out several different types of videos from regular vlogging, to sharing my opinions on a specific topic, to hauls. I then quit YouTube for a very long time and only now am I thinking of coming back with things that I feel more comfortable doing. And all of this is not about some kind of confidence issues, or anxiety over people disagreeing with my opinions. It is simply that there are so many people who are just so much better suited to give you their opinions or recommendations. These people try out more things than I do, and therefore have a better knowledge of all the things that I tried to talk about – such as make-up. They know what’s good, what’s bad, and what product is a better substitute for the one they are reviewing.

And all of this brings me to my fresh start on this blog. I decided that I do not want to have a theme. I don’t want to limit myself to solely writing about health & beauty, or books, or current events. Instead, I want to make it about my life. And that may include absolutely anything – something I enjoyed, something I recently discovered, a place I visited, or maybe something that simply brought a smile to my face. At the end of the day, as with my YouTube videos, I want to create things that I am proud of. And whether that attracts just one person, or a million – it shouldn’t affect what I want to do.

This has been quite a ramble, and probably not your typical introductory post, but if you made it right to the end, I am extremely grateful for your time and interest. 

I look forward to embarking on this journey, and I hope you will accompany me on this adventure.

○ Till next post ○