Launched in 2013, LikeCubed blog was the author’s outlet for personal stories and anecdotes. The blog was then re-branded in 2015 to fit in with the author’s more serious attitude towards blogging, and began to focus on providing the readers with valuable content that would help them in their blogging, shopping, or even day to day life activities.

The author aims to keep LikeCubed content as positive and upbeat as possible, but will also address serious issues to help the readers. As the blog grows, the author hopes to provide readers with more opportunities to be involved, keeping them at the heart of the brand.




LikeCubed is run and written by a 23 year-old girl called Laura. (please refer to the Google Translate listen feature for the proper European pronunciation of the name, because if you call me Loh-rah, we can’t be friends.)

The rest is under construction 🙂



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