Graze Subscription Box

We live in a world of subscription boxes; from makeup to food, perfumes to video games, magazines to pet supplies – your choices are near endless. What can’t you get in a subscription box these days?

Truthfully, if I could, I’d subscribe to all of them. But that dream will have to wait until the fame and fortune stage of my life kicks in – so any day now, really! For now though, I’ve decided to commit to one – and that chosen one is Graze.

Graze Box and Cake

I’ve tried Graze before when I claimed my free box a few years back (2012, according to their website!), and absolutely loved it. The fact that I received it free of charge was a great little bonus but not really a factor in my enjoyment. At the time though, I couldn’t really justify spending £3.79 for 4 little tubs of snacks; I mean I was 18 – nights out and alcohol trumped any other needs or desires.

Fast forward 5 years and my priorities have shifted ever so slightly. Nights out and alcohol are still an important investment, but so are healthy snacks – and boy do I love my healthy snacks.

I think most people will agree that some healthy snacks can be just as great as the unhealthy kind but it takes some creativity and imagination to make that happen. And who has time for that? Snacks tend to be a passive, lazy little meal consumed without noticing – so putting in the effort to come up with new and creative ways of consuming nuts and berries just doesn’t go with the lazy lifestyle. But Graze are willing to do the work for you, and they do it well.

With over a 100 different snacks they have something for everyone – nuts, seeds, berries, bread sticks, flapjacks, cake, shortbread, olives, popcorn, jerky, and now even broth. I mean it’s a crazy selection! I don’t think there’s a person on this earth who wouldn’t like to try something from their extensive list of snacks.

Graze Box

And here’s where it gets even better: you can customise your orders to make sure you never receive a snack you don’t like. Under each and every snack you have the option to “bin” it (so that they never send it to you), “try” it (they’ll send it occasionally), “like” it (they’ll send it regularly) and “love it” (in which case they’ll send it often). Additionally, there’s a “send soon” button, which I believe is pretty self-explanatory.

There’s genuinely only a handful of snacks that I’ve ever binned from that entire list – and most of those are either jerky (due to being pescatarian) or olives (just cause I hate olives…) And I’m yet to be disappointed by their choices.

I’ve now got a bi-weekly (meaning every two weeks not twice a week) subscription and I look forward to each and every box. I await eagerly for the postman to deliver my little box with the promise that Graze will introduce me to another wonderful snack.

From what I’ve tried so far, my favourites have been the “British Barbecue” mix, the “Summer Berry Flapjack”, and the “Carrot Cake with an Afternoon Infusion” – I mean cake and a cup ‘o tea – c’mon. Graze also used to offer the “Very Nori-sh” Japanese seaweed rice crackers which were simply to die for, but they’re no longer available and nothing makes me sadder. On the bright side, that’s the great thing about Graze – they introduce you to new and amazing things which you can then find for yourself in a regular shop. Victory.

Graze Tea label

If my post has successfully intrigued you, you can head on over to and get your 1st, 5th and 10th box free using my referral code: 7VPCVWMXP (you don’t have to use it though – the choice is yours!). You can simply sign up, request your free box and cancel your subscription any time without commitment (make sure you cancel before being charged for the next box though). A credit/debit card will be required for the sign up but no money will be taken until a few days before your second box is due.

But then you might end up loving it as much as I do and decide not to cancel after all. It’s a win win either way!


What’s your favourite subscription box?

Please note that this post is not sponsored by Graze. However, if Graze would like to sponsor me, I would be more than okay with that 😉

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