How To Get Through a Bad Day – Your Ultimate Guide

A bad day, much like anything else, is simply part of life. Surely we should learn to embrace it, minimise the damage, and work to make sure that the next day is better… right?


Bad days are unwanted, uncalled for, and totally not acceptable. So let me help you show the world who’s boss – here’s 5 tips on how to get through a bad day.

Bad Day

1. Take up drinking

Alcohol has the capacity to solve any problem you could ever have in your life. The only question is: how much alcohol will this problem require?

Pro tip: If you’re not sure, it’s better to overdo it than under-do it…


2. Be passive-aggressive to everyone about everything

Being passive-aggressive towards everyone you meet is literally the only way they could possible find out that you’re feeling upset. This is a completely healthy display of emotions and should be practised in your day-to-day life, as well as during times of duress.

If this is your first attempt at being passive aggressive, please don’t take it too hard when people try to console you rather than be taken aback and run away crying. Practice makes perfect and you will get there. Just keep at it and believe in yourself!


3. Write a long-winded Facebook status about your day

You are having the worst day, anyone has ever had in the history of time. Of course you need to write about it on Facebook! People you barely know love nothing more than to hear you whine about your day – because it’s interesting, relatable, and everyone lives to put your problems before their own. So just do them a favour, and post this status!

Got your boss added to your friends list? Bonus.


4. Break everything in your path

Destruction is a worthwhile activity best undertaken when you’re enraged. Anything made of glass is a good starting point; ceramics, porcelain – also good. Basically, go crazy, and start with other people’s items – there’s no point destroying your valuables when there’s others’ valuables around!


5. Drink some more

Because why not? Has anyone ever heard of there being a downside to drinking? I think not…


Have you got any other tips on how to get through a bad day? Let me know!


Disclaimer: please note that this post is intended to be humorous and nothing in this post should be viewed as legitimate advice.

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