When you dabble in everything…

“Jack of all trades, master of none.”

That’s probably the one and only constant in my life – it’s a phrase I’ve lived by my whole life without ever meaning to.

Jack of All Trades

Usually, I’m okay with it. I’d like to one day master some of my most beloved hobbies or interests and be able to say “I know what I’m doing – I’m an expert“, but for the most part, it’s just great to be able to do a lot of different things to a good standard. It feels great when someone at work comes running to you to solve their computer issue, knowing full well you don’t work in IT; it feels great when your friends call you for cooking tips; and it sure as heck feels nice being able to help people solve their problems without having to go on Google to look it up first.

But just once in a while you sit down and realise that you’re not particularly great at anything. Some things you don’t know because you don’t care about them; others you don’t know well enough because there’s simply too many things you’re interested in. There’s writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, and photography and you can’t just focus on one and master it before tackling the others. They all bring pleasure to your life and you just gotta do them all now.

So you do. You keep doing all the things you love and you gain titbits of knowledge and skill as you go along, but it doesn’t make you a master of the skill.

Until you realise that it does.

At some point, you will have enough skill and knowledge to make you an expert in the field. There’s still gonna be more to learn and more to try and there will (probably) never be a test and a diploma that will validate your skills. But at some point, those skills start to speak for themselves.

And that’s when you stop downplaying your abilities and own up to them. That’s when you say:

yeah, I’m good.

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