How To Have The Perfect Halloween In

Halloween isn’t all it used to be any more. Maybe it’s our changing culture, or the fact that I moved to a different culture, but Halloween simply isn’t as big of a deal any more. Any traces of real horror are all but forgotten, trick-or-treaters are nowhere to be seen, and the only thing haunting you will be the candy you stocked up on…

And these changes leave us with only two real options: go out to a party or a club, or stay in and have a fun but relaxing night at home. If the second option sounds like your cup o’ tea, then here’s how to have the perfect Halloween in!

How To Have The Perfect Halloween In

1. Set the scene

If you’re gonna embrace Halloween, then you better do it right. Close your curtains, turn out all the lights, and light some candles around the room. You can also opt for a bunch of glow-in-the-dark items for a spooky ambience or simply sticking some fairy lights on in the background (especially if they’re shaped like pumpkins!)


2. Stock up on pillows, blankets, and other cosy items (including your boyfriend or girlfriend)

The best thing about autumnal nights is feeling warm and cosy inside regardless of what the weather outside might be, and Halloween is not only no exception, it’s the most vital day for warmth and snugness.

Build yourself a fort of warmth and safety on the bed, or throw all cosy items (excluding your boyfriend or girlfriend) on the floor and do Halloween old-school style. Use your imagination and pretend you’re camping or staying in an abandoned house for the night…


3. Pick out the best (or scariest) Halloween movies

Just because you’ve decided to stay in does not mean that Halloween is all forgotten about. Laugh with Hocus Pocus (1993) or scream and cry at Halloween (1978). And if you’re not confused by the correct season to watch Nightmare Before Christmas, add it to the list! (Or watch it at midnight, and can call it a good transition from Halloween to the Christmas season!)


4. Stock up on food and snacks

Movies without food are never a good idea, and if you’re planning on making a night of it then replenishments are a must! And we all know that the time to cook is now, not once the movies have started, so get in the kitchen and whip up some Halloweeny treats (how about pumpkin core cupcakes?) or simply opt for your favourite meal (not everything has to be Halloween themed after all…)

And if you don’t feel like cooking, treat yourself and order in from a take-out for a truly relaxing night!


5. Put your phone on airplane mode

You don’t want your night to be interrupted by casual texts or calls that can wait until tomorrow, but turning your phone off completely poses a great threat – what will you do if you really do get haunted this year? The risk is simply not worth it. So silence the phone and keep it away, but know where it is at all times (you know, just in case!)


And that’s all there is to having the perfect Halloween in! I hope you have a great night regardless of whether you’re going all out on all things spooky or having a relaxing night in filled with giggles and “scary” stories!


Happy Halloween!

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