A Guide to Shopping on eBay

eBay is a revolutionary shopping website with endless choices and opportunities; unfortunately, one of these opportunities is for sellers to exploit their customers. So here’s a list of things to keep an eye on when shopping on eBay to avoid being exploited!

A Guide to Shopping on eBay

 Positive feedback 
eBay Seller Information
This is by far the most important feature that allows you to judge whether or not the seller is trustworthy. The number following the seller’s name refers to the number of transactions this seller has been a part of; 98.1% is of course the overall happiness of the customers. Because both figures are very high, it’s relatively safe to say that the seller and their products are trustworthy to buy.

In case of slightly lower positive feedback percentage, remember that customers will also leave negative reviews based on their own mistakes (not reading the product description properly, etc.) so you should also check the comments accompanying the positive or negative reviews to decide whether or not to trust the seller.

 Item Description 
Always check the description to see what is actually included in your purchase – especially important when buying outfits and costumes, as shoes and other accessories are always shown but rarely included.

 Sizing Chart 
Even if you’re convinced that you’re a size 8  or an S, it does not mean that this particular seller’s size S will fit you. Almost every seller will provide a sizing chart for their products in the item description, so be sure to use them! However, once you get to know the seller and their products, you will no longer have to do this for every purchase. Better safe than sorry though.

 Price & Postage 
Try to avoid low product prices with high postage costs. Many sellers (especially common with products arriving from Hong Kong) will charge £0.99 for the item and around £6 to £10 for shipping. But know that if you wish to return the purchase, the seller is only legally obligated to refund the product cost – which is 99p. Some sellers will pay for return postage, however, most state “buyer pays return postage” under the Returns section.

 eBay Money Back Guarantee 

The eBay Money Back Guarantee assures you that you will receive your item or a full price and postage refund in case of product being different to what was described or if it didn’t arrive altogether. This does not cover circumstances in which you ordered the wrong size or simply don’t like the item!

 Shipping Availability 
Always, always, always remember to check whether the seller is willing to send the item to your country. Many sellers say they post worldwide, but upon clicking the “exclusions” link you find out that ‘worldwide’ doesn’t include a 100 countries… (example)

 Better Deals 
When it comes to buying products from Hong Kong, be sure to look through the seller’s other items – you’re likely to find the exact same product at a lower cost!

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