Learn To Say No

Learn To Say No

Though it may feel like yesterday, it was actually back in 2012 that Zoella wrote a “Just Say Yes” blog post that inspired me, and no doubt thousands of others across the globe. It was a simple idea that encouraged positivity and being open to new challenges and opportunities as a way to step out of your comfort zone, enrich your life, and start living your life to the fullest. To this day I stand by my initial support of this idea and actively encourage others to say yes to more activities or opportunities that may seem a little frightening, time consuming, or simply pointless. 

Nevertheless, saying yes to new experiences and opportunities is not the same as saying yes to everything, and the results of these two mindsets can be very different. Whether you seek others’ approval, try to win someone over, or simply like to help people, it’s likely that you say yes to things that you simply shouldn’t far too often. Remember all those times when you wanted to say no but thought it would be impolite? Or all those times you dropped whatever you were doing for that same reason? That’s what I’m referring to. 

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with helping others or dropping whatever little thing you’re doing to help someone with an important issue, you must remember to live your own life and put yourself first; achieve your own goals, too. Of course this is easier said than done, especially when it comes to people you love, look up to, or those you’re trying to obtain approval from. Regardless of the situation, don’t allow them take advantage of you – consider whether this is a two-sided relationship: are they investing as much effort and interest into your life problems as you do in theirs? Do they ask for you to help them with their task, or do the task for them?

Starting to say no can be a difficult and scary experience that may at first leave you questioning your character and whether or not saying no was the right thing to do. But learning to stand up for what you want and not allowing people to persuade or bully you into doing else-wise is a freeing sensation that reminds you of your own value; it reminds you to stop putting your life on hold for others…

 It reminds you that the world revolves around you as much as anyone else. 

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