Insta Catch-up

As I’ve been away for a while, I decided that a little catch-up was in order. And what better way to reminisce than to look back on my Instagram photos? So we’ll go in reverse order to get up to date.

Last Christmas was very different to any others as I spent the majority of the time with my boyfriend’s family as opposed to my own. But seeing as how Lithuanian celebrations focus mainly on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning, and the British celebrate Christmas Day and evening, it worked out quite well. Unfortunately, Boxing Day was met with some bad news as my mother called to tell me that one of my degus lost their tail. In retrospect – not a big deal – but it was rather worrying at the time and really dampened my spirit. Incidentally, spirit may have helped at the time. Haha. 

The next picture is of my little Kronkster and his beautiful blonde locks. Following is a picture of the “snow” that causes delays and cancellations across Scotland, disturbing my commutes to university. And when they’re not cancelled, I get to enjoy beautiful views shown in the next two photographs.

The row above shows the magnificent scenery captured from the ferry on the way to the boyfriend’s grandparents at Christmas time. Following that, my parents’ cat – just cause. In February I visited the Cargo bar in Perth, which utilises many odd things in even odder ways (i.e. graters as lamp shades). A beautiful sunset and one of my little degus after that. Isn’t she adorable?!

The following three pictures record some of my last days of my academic career. I ‘influenced’ my parents to upgrade from the 7 year-old printer they had, and managed to print my dissertation off in style. Once that was handed in, we had a lovely Easter and took the Guinea Pigs out to the park for the very first time. Gizmo’s really the only one who’s up for photos, so he acts as Kronk’s representative. 

Finally, in the top row we have a beautiful shot of Lola’s face simply because she’s so majestic and photogenic (and cause I really like my camera). Following is a relatively good photo of a bubble, considering that it was taken with a phone. The weather in Scotland has been so great that I’ve been spending every day in the park. And what better way to entertain myself than with bubbles?

Much like the guinea pigs, my parents’ cats also experienced their first time in the wilderness, with one of them exploring everything around her while the other crawled around like a lizard before sneaking back into the carrier and hoping to go home.

Next photo is of a little anime shop in Princes Mall in Edinburgh which made me realise that even if I had money, I wouldn’t have money. And lastly (or firstly/most recently), is a photo of a blooming tree which proves that spring is truly here. I’m ready for you, summer!

And now you’re pretty much up-to-date with everything that’s happened since I left. I’ll try to not make a habit of long catch-ups and update you as I go along.

○ Till next post ○
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