Let’s Talk About Tumblr

You’ve probably all heard of Tumblr and in fact, I’m sure many of you have given it a go. Here’s a brief description of this website: it is a beautiful, creative and inspiring black hole that will suck you in and steal your soul. I think that about sums it up.

With millions of users and almost two hundred million blogs, I think it’s safe to say that it is widely known and loved. To those who do not use Tumblr, it may seem like a useless site who’s only purpose is to allow you to see a photo you like on someone else’s blog and put it on your own. But it’s more than that: it’s a source of entertainment; a place where you can find people with the same interests or problems, and feel like you belong; and my personal favourite – a place of news and new knowledge. 

While school is an important rite of passage and I definitely do not consider it a waste of time, I always wished we were taught things that we needed in our every day lives, or discussed more important issues in detail. So I can safely say that what I learn on Tumblr is much more useful and relevant than what I learned in school. 

Tumblr is full of useful tips, explanations and debates about important topics like human rights, racism, sexism, feminism, etc., etc., and also news – which many of us would not be aware of otherwise. 

It’s perfect, right? Well no, not quite. This is what happens far too often: someone posts something factually incorrect (purposely or not) and people take it for a fact without even verifying the information. Someone will then come along to correct the original information, but that may not get around to all of the originally reblogged posts which will just keep circulating. Oh, and that person who’s correcting the post? Yeah, they will probably get attacked for it.

And God forbid you have an opinion that is different to the majority’s – they’ll eat you alive! Complain that you’re having a bad day and your problems will be made invalid because “other people have it worse than you.” And if you’re a skinny, straight, white girl or boy, then don’t you even dare to complain about anything because your life is perfect and you have it easy in life!

For such an understanding and welcoming community, Tumblr can sure as hell be judgemental and superficial.

And despite all of this, I still use it and love it because I know how to use it. You need to learn to identify battles worth fighting for because not everyone will listen to reason and be willing to change their views. Sometimes you need to let it go (trying not to burst into a song here!) And sometimes, your biggest dilemma is deciding whether or not to reblog something that is absolutely perfect but has a spelling mistake.

What do you guys think about Tumblr?

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